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  • How to hit Topspin Forehand just like Rafa Nadal in 5 Steps
  • How to change Forehand Grip to get more Topspin
  • The No.1 Key to get massive Topspin Forehand
  • The wrist lag myth and how to correctly use your wrist for more effortless Topspin & Power
  • Exercises to How to train on your own with a Ball Machine
  • Self Feed Exercises to be able to work on your Topspin anywhere, anytime
  • How to get more confident, deeper and much heavier balls so you can attack your opponent with every single Forehand you hit!



  • “Very Effective drills sir. I mastered the extreme Topspin Forehand through your drills. Especially the first 2 exercises you need to feel the looseness and the upward motion combined with the legs..and the should position. I think the next step would be to aim these forehands to.certain corners. Thank you very much sir”  Mr. Drager, USA


  • “Thanks Jan again! This is a fantastic session with great exercises. I will do them next time on the court! Nice one, can’t wait for the app too!” Mike B., Florida, USA


  • I always lacked that Topspin and as a result I was over hitting lots of my Forehands! I went through your program just couple days ago and went straight to our practise court. I know understand what needs to be done in order to imitate how pros play! Thanks a lot for this great info Jan!” Dennis P., Sacramento, USA

Program Includes:

Welcome FREE 00:01:00
How to Hit Topspin Forehand Like Rafa Nadal in 5 Steps
Step 1 FREE 00:03:00
Step 2 00:01:00
Step 3 00:03:00
Step 4 00:03:00
Step 5 00:02:00
Step 6 00:02:00
How to Change Forehand Grip to Get More Topspin
Session 1 FREE 00:03:00
Session 2 00:02:00
Session 3 00:01:00
Session 4 00:04:00
The No.1 Key to Get Massive Topspin Forehand
Introduction 00:01:00
Hitting Forehand Topspin like Nadal & Djokovic FREE 00:03:00
Hitting Forehand Topspin with Federer Grip FREE 00:04:00
The No.1 Key to Get Big Topspin on Your Forehand 00:04:00
Exercise 1 00:03:00
Exercise 2 00:01:00
Final Word 00:02:00
The Wrist Lag Myth - How to Use Your Wrist for More Effortless Topspin & Power
Session 1 00:03:00
Session 2 – Wrist Lag in Action 00:01:00
Session 3 00:02:00
Ball Machine Exercises for Topspin Forehand
Exercise 1 – Part 1 00:05:00
Exercise 1 – Part 2 00:03:00
Exercise 2 – Defensive Forehand Topspin 00:02:00
Exercise 3 – Inside Out Forehand 00:04:00
Self Feed Exercises
Exercise 1 00:04:00
Exercise 2 00:05:00
Exercise 3 00:05:00
Summary 00:01:00

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  1. Great info again!


    Again thanks Jan for all the info, I especially like all the drills you show! Gonna try them all first thing tomorrow morning! Will let you know how it went! Thanks, John


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