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Program Includes:

Welcome to PLB Tennis Method® Academy
Welcome to PLB Tennis Method® Academy 00:01:00
Forehand Sessions
Position on Attacking Forehand FREE 00:09:00
Importance of Topspin 00:09:00
How to Hit Perfect Forehand in 3 Steps 00:15:00
How To Hit Forehand Just Like Novak Djokovic 00:04:00
Hand Shake Position as An Ideal Contact Point? 00:05:00
Top 5 Mistakes Club Tennis Players Make On Forehand and What to Avoid 00:09:00
3 Tips To Stop Missing Short Balls FREE 00:06:00
The Wrist Lag Myth 00:07:00
Importance of Wrist 00:04:00
Importance of Inside Out Forehand FREE 00:06:00
The Right Body Rotation on Forehand 00:04:00
How To Stop Hitting Forehand Long 00:07:00
How to Fix High Elbow on Forehand 00:03:00
How To Change Forehand Grip for More Topspin 00:10:00
Serve Sessions
Different Rhythms 00:08:00
How To Stop Hitting Serves In The Net FREE 00:08:00
How To Generate More Spin On Your Second Serve 00:04:00
Take Power From Your Legs 00:02:00
How To Fix That Inconsistent Ball Toss 00:14:00
Best Serve Patterns In The Match 00:09:00
How To Have a Better Kick Serve With This ONE Trick 00:05:00
Difference Between First & Second Serve 00:05:00
One Little Tip for More Effortless Power 00:03:00
Single Handed Backhand Sessions
Importance of Timing Of Last Step Before Contact Point + Practise 00:04:00
Ideal Grip 00:03:00
Footwork Exercises 00:04:00
How To Hit That BIG Topspin 00:05:00
The No.1 Job of Your Single Hander FREE 00:06:00
When To Use Slice & How To Deal with High and Low Balls 00:04:00
PROS Secrets – Importance of Being Relaxed 00:06:00
Right Grip for Single Handed Backhand 00:05:00
Double Handed Backhand Sessions
How to Get More Effortless Power on Your Double Hander 00:06:00
Return Sessions
Importance of Staying Low After Return 00:01:00
Tennis Volleys Sessions
How to Hit Perfect Forehand Volley in 3 Steps FREE 00:04:00
How to Hit Perfect Backhand Volley in 3 Steps 00:08:00
Tennis Fitness Sessions
Warm Up Session 1 00:12:00
4 Tennis Fitness Exercises to Strengthen Your Legs 00:18:00
Skipping 00:02:00
Medicine Ball Exercises 00:07:00
Extra Workouts 1 00:14:00
Stretching with Elastic Band 00:02:00

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