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  • How to apply correct biomechanics used by ATP Pros.
  • How to get more consistency, power & control without changing your technique.
  • How to generate those effortless Backhands.
  • How to get early into the right “POWER POSITION” and how to hit the ball at right place and time.
  • How to attack those short balls and stop slicing them.
  • How to deal with deep and high balls coming to your Backhand over and over.
  • How to push your opponent off the court with your new bigger Backhand from any position on the court.
  • How to get more topspin and control.
  • How to Apply ATP Pro’s footwork patterns.
  • How to improve your racket head speed and use right “lagging effect” to generate more of the effortless power.



  • 12 Modules of Incredibly Valuable Video Training Sessions covering every part of this stroke.
  • ATP Pros Single Handed Backhand Biomechanics + Exercises and Tips to Enhance Your Backhand Results.
  • ‘Tested’ Tennis Pros Secrets To Gain More Consistent, Powerful yet Effortless Backhand.
  • Systematic “PLB Tennis Method®” Formula which helped more than 1000 club tennis players over the past 13 years to transform their game.
  • Proven tennis drills & tennis wall exercises that worked for some top national and ITF tennis players.
  • Lifetime access to online tennis training program and all videos anytime, so you can take them with you on court and start improving TODAY.



  • “I was hopeless, literally hopeless! First time I trained with Jan he told me about his PLB Tennis Methodand how I could use it on my backhand. I was not sure as my single hander was never my strength, really…But I gave it a go and Jan sent me a specific formula to follow. I had nothing to lose. I could only gain! And, so I did! After 4 weeks of training and following Jan’s method, day by day I started to feel the difference and then that one day, I hit my first huge effortless backhand! And I just knew that was it! That was the ONE! Since then I enjoy my backhand and I feel much more confident than ever before! Thanks Jan, can’t wait to come down to train with you again, show you all in person and finally beat you! Cheers. Andy” Andy McCall, Medium Level Player, London, UK


  • “Hi Jan, I haven‘t Seen all the training sessions yet, as Im just in the first week into applying the right Position from your method, but it already helped my weight transfer and off loading on my Backhand! Thanks, will be back soon with more updates“ Matthias K., Medium Level Player, Austria


  • “Been training with Jan for some time now and we constantly work on my Single Hander. His method works. Just follow his steps and you will completely rethink the way you need to play your backhand and what to focus on more as he knows what is working for Pros and how it can work for you too!” Matteo G., Advanced Level Player, Barcelona, Spain

Program Includes:

Welcome (Rock Solid Single Hander) FREE 00:01:00
PLB Tennis Method® for Single Handed Backhand
Position FREE 00:04:00
Right Use of Legs 00:03:00
Importance Of & How To Use Your Body 00:07:00
"Bow & Arrow Effect"
Stretching Effect on Preparation Part 00:04:00
Effective Use of Right Shoulder 00:03:00
Importance of Relaxedness & What We Can Learn from 00:03:00
My Single Hander in Action & What To Focus On 00:04:00
Ideal Grip 00:03:00
Importance of Right Topspin Grip FREE 00:05:00
Pros Biomechanics Exercises - Shadowing
Shadowing Exercise without Racket 00:02:00
Shadowing Exercise with Racket 00:01:00
PROS Footwork Patterns
Footwork on Return of Serve 00:07:00
Footwork After Return 00:04:00
Footwork to Deal with Deep & Short Balls 00:03:00
Footwork Exercises FREE 00:04:00
Topspin vs. Slice
The No.1 Job of Your Single Hander FREE 00:06:00
How To Hit That BIG Topspin 00:05:00
When To Use Slice & How To Deal with High and Low Balls 00:04:00
Footwork for the Slice Backhand FREE 00:06:00
The Importance of Being Relaxed 00:06:00
How To Generate More Power Off Your Racket 00:03:00
The Wawrinka’s Lagging Effect 00:01:00
How To Start Applying PLB Tennis Method® for Rock Solid Single Hander
Warm Up Session at the Tennis Wall 00:04:00
Getting In The Right Position 00:11:00
How To Start Using Your Legs More Effectively 00:04:00
How To Correctly Use Your Body To Get Those Crispy Effortless Backhands 00:10:00
Tennis Wall Exercises & How to Start Practising The PROS Biomechanics For Effortless Single Hander
How To Get The Right Position + Right Distance from The Ball 00:05:00
Practising The Correct Use of Legs & Hips 00:04:00
Importance of Use of Whole Body + How To Practise It 00:03:00
The Importance of Your Right Shoulder for More Effortless Backhand 00:04:00
Fitness Exercises to Enhance Your Single Hander
Fitness Exercises to Strengthen Your Body For Better Performance 00:04:00
Course Summary
Summary (Rock Solid Single Hander) 00:03:00
Tennis Pros Single Hander Video 00:05:00
BONUS 1: 3 Weeks Tennis Training Plan for Rock Solid Single Hander + Download 00:00:00
BONUS 2: How To Dominate Any Tennis Player in 5 Minutes Session 00:26:00
BONUS 3: 1X Video Analysis Session 00:00:00
BONUS 4: 1 Month FREE ACCESS To my PLB Tennis Method® Academy Premium Level 00:00:00
BONUS 5: Access To My Private Coaching Group 00:00:00

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  1. Another great course Jan!


    Jan, its John here again. I have to say this is outstanding level of information right here. I can’t wait to practise all of these when back on court! Thanks again and yes I will recommend to other club members here in our little club in Florida. John


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