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Program Includes:

Welcome (Rock Solid Single Hander) FREE 00:01:00
PLB Tennis Method® for Single Handed Backhand
Position FREE 00:04:00
Right Use of Legs 00:03:00
Importance Of & How To Use Your Body 00:07:00
"Bow & Arrow Effect"
Stretching Effect on Preparation Part 00:04:00
Effective Use of Right Shoulder 00:03:00
Importance of Relaxedness & What We Can Learn from 00:03:00
My Single Hander in Action & What To Focus On 00:04:00
Ideal Grip 00:03:00
Importance of Right Topspin Grip FREE 00:05:00
Pros Biomechanics Exercises - Shadowing
Shadowing Exercise without Racket 00:02:00
Shadowing Exercise with Racket 00:01:00
PROS Footwork Patterns
Footwork on Return of Serve 00:07:00
Footwork After Return 00:04:00
Footwork to Deal with Deep & Short Balls 00:03:00
Footwork Exercises FREE 00:04:00
Topspin vs. Slice
The No.1 Job of Your Single Hander FREE 00:06:00
How To Hit That BIG Topspin 00:05:00
When To Use Slice & How To Deal with High and Low Balls 00:04:00
Footwork for the Slice Backhand FREE 00:06:00
The Importance of Being Relaxed 00:06:00
How To Generate More Power Off Your Racket 00:03:00
The Wawrinka’s Lagging Effect 00:01:00
How To Start Applying PLB Tennis Method® for Rock Solid Single Hander
Warm Up Session at the Tennis Wall 00:04:00
Getting In The Right Position 00:11:00
How To Start Using Your Legs More Effectively 00:04:00
How To Correctly Use Your Body To Get Those Crispy Effortless Backhands 00:10:00
Tennis Wall Exercises & How to Start Practising The PROS Biomechanics For Effortless Single Hander
How To Get The Right Position + Right Distance from The Ball 00:05:00
Practising The Correct Use of Legs & Hips 00:04:00
Importance of Use of Whole Body + How To Practise It 00:03:00
The Importance of Your Right Shoulder for More Effortless Backhand 00:04:00
Fitness Exercises to Enhance Your Single Hander
Fitness Exercises to Strengthen Your Body For Better Performance 00:04:00
Course Summary
Summary (Rock Solid Single Hander) 00:03:00
Tennis Pros Single Hander Video 00:05:00
BONUS 1: 3 Weeks Tennis Training Plan for Rock Solid Single Hander + Download 00:00:00
BONUS 2: How To Dominate Any Tennis Player in 5 Minutes Session 00:26:00
BONUS 3: 1X Video Analysis Session 00:00:00
BONUS 4: 1 Month FREE ACCESS To my PLB Tennis Method® Academy Premium Level 00:00:00
BONUS 5: Access To My Private Coaching Group 00:00:00

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  1. Another great course Jan!


    Jan, its John here again. I have to say this is outstanding level of information right here. I can’t wait to practise all of these when back on court! Thanks again and yes I will recommend to other club members here in our little club in Florida. John


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