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Ready to Unlock Your Full Tennis Potential?

Discover how to reach a new level of your game by applying my unique PLB Tennis Method®

Are you frustrated with your tennis game?

Do you want to finally know how to develop more effortless strokes, get more consistency, power and control?

Do you want to gain that needed confidence to win your next matches?

Then you need to know How to Apply Crucial Biomechanics Used by ATP Tennis Pros into your Game!

Over the past 15 years on court as a pro performance tennis coach working with hundreds of club tennis players, I have developed my unique way of helping them with their game. I call now my method The “PLB Tennis Method ®”.

This very specific method, which has been proving for years, always helped all my players with most important tennis fundamentals right from the beginning. From the moment I start working with my players, we focus on improving the 3 most crucial elements that prove to be those, that transform their tennis game.

Since I started sharing my method online, I have now helped over 1000 of club players like you all over the world just in past 2 years!

My mission is simple: “I want to help you and inspire you to reach a new level of your game, as I believe anything is possible and anybody can improve at any age or at any level of their game!’

I have seen massive results using my unique Method and I am looking forward to help you TRANSFORM your tennis game!

Jan Metelka

Pro Performance Tennis Coach

How the PLB Tennis Method® Helped over 1000 Club Tennis Players worldwide?

"After just 1 month of training and following your systematic Method,
I've finally won the club tournament!"
Rob Powell
Advanced Level, Ireland
"The PLB Tennis Method has taken my game beyond what I thought
was possible! Thank you."
Andy McCall
Medium Level Player, London
"I used to struggle a lot. Now after applying Jan's method, my Forehand
is just much more effortless!"
Ian Robertson
Medium Level Player, Barcelona
"I used to focus on different parts of the game but now you made me
aware about how to use my legs, footwork and whole body
and it is really great. I can feel improvements and I am really grateful!"
Juanjo Morales
Medium Level Player, Barcelona
"I took Jan's course and it has really made a difference!
I can now get to balls I could not get to when I was in my 60's...
But you know what I highly recommend any of Jan's courses!"
Jim Falvo
4.0 Level Senior Player, New Mexico, USA