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In order to take your tennis to the next level you need to master 3 most important areas:

Pros Biomechanics

By applying my PLB Tennis Method®, you will know how to play effortlessly just like ATP Pros.

Tennis Fitness

I will show you and guide you through the most effective tennis fitness workouts used by ATP Pros.

Winning Mind Set

In my Podcast you will learn all about unlocking your "Tennis Mental Edge".



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Get over 350+ self training sessions, technical and how to train exercises.

What some of our players say:

Hi, my name is Bilal and I am from California.
I am 3,5 Club Player. I love Jan Metelka's TennisFit® App and his all online teachings that has helped me to develop a great Forehand, really good Serve and overall improve all aspects of my tennis game!
Bilal Naseer
3,5 Club Tennis Player, USA
Hi, its Andy here, I am using the TennisFit® app, I follow all fitness sessions on and off the court and I also follow the PLB Tennis Method® which helps me to generate Effortless Strokes and I am winning more tennis matches. So, all is good! Thanks Jan!
Andy McCall
Medium Level Player, UK
Hi, I am Axel, tennis coach from Madrid. I am using the TennisFit® app in order to make my students improve. Do not miss tennis training with Jan Metelka, he is a great coach and instructor!
Axel López
Pro Tennis Coach, Madrid, Spain
I took Jan's double handed backhand course as I wanted to improve my double handed backhand which was getting killed and crushed in matches and tournaments. After completing the program I have now much more solid and dependable backhand and I have lot more variety in shots I can play and its winning me more points and therefore more matches. Thanks a lot Jan!
Rob Powell
Advanced Level Player, UK
Jan's teaching method is not just unique, but its for me the most effective one. I can now access his sessions anytime I am on the court and its like having him on court next to me! Just amazing really.
Ian Robertson
Medium Level Player, Barcelona
The best tennis training app out there loaded with amazing content and super affordable membership. Jan over delivers yet again with this one of a product! If you play tennis you need to get this app!
Ken Dietlfsen
Advanced Level Player, Norway

Well, its been lot of struggle over the years putting lots of effort but now its certainly more of an effortless power and I have much better Forehand, thanks to you!

Ian Robertson


It feels like I was focusing on different parts of the game. You are making me focus on the legs and footwork and everything and I can definitely feel the improvements and I am really grateful!

Juanjo Morales


I highly recommend any of Jan’s courses, in fact you can take them right on the court with your mobile device and it is just like having him right there giving you a private lesson.

Jim Falvo


"The best tennis training app for any club tennis player out there loaded with an amazing content and super affordable membership. Jan over delivers yet again with this one of a kind product! If you play tennis you need to get this app!"
Ken Dietlfsen
Medium Level Player, Norway
I’m an intermediate-level tennis hack who has been playing the game for years.
My game has been frustratingly inconsistent, especially on the forehand side. Trying to hit hard gave me power without any control, and trying to have control had me pushing the ball.
I’ve purchased all kinds of online tennis DVD’s and programs over the years, which have helped here and there but the biggest difference so far has been Jan’s TennisFit App and his programs.
I really did not understand what “Power comes from the legs” really meant until I heard Jan explain his Positioning, Legs and Body (PLB tennis method). He keeps instructions very simple and clearly explains how pros use those very same techniques, and I was able to instantly feel a difference in the way I’ve practised and played since.
I started some of Jan’s programs around 2 months ago, and for the past 2-3 weeks I’ve felt like I’ve finally gained some consistency without having to sacrifice my power (if anything, the power’s actually improved with PLB!).
I’ve even been able to win a social-level singles tennis tournament, feeling so much more in control of my shots, including my forehand! With every shot, I willed myself to use my legs for both attacking and defending, and his teaching methods are simple enough to absorb that I could use them in the heat of battle. No complex sets of instructions to remember!
The TennisFit app and the TennisFit web site work really well and are simple to use.
The videos themselves are of excellent quality, but what makes them unique in my opinion is Jan’s passion and understanding for the game, and his experience as a playing pro. His knowledge and perspective really do shine through. Typically, Jan explains a technique for a few minutes, then demonstrates what he means by hitting some balls, then goes through a training drill hitting many balls (including slow motion replays). He just makes you want to find a tennis court and do the same!
As an added bonus, Jan is very responsive if you have any questions about his programs or TennisFit app and web site. 
So do yourself a favor and get into Jan’s TennisFit App programs!


Toby K.


What other players say about the programs
inside the TennisFit® app?

"The Hip rotation instruction proves vital to striking the ball in a professional manner."
Ishmael Gamboa
Medium Level Player
"I have had many coaches, bu Jan Metelka is absolutely amazing! This program is the best tennis lesson I have ever had. Excellent work Jan, thanks for teaching!."
Bilal Naseer
Beginner to Medium Level Player
"Fantastic info Jan! Love all sessions and can't wait to apply all on court! Thanks John."
John Pooley
Advanced Level Player
"Very useful. I practice tennis regularly with a teacher and have integrated Metelka's lessons with my training very effectively."
Simone Bedetti
Medium Level Player
"Wow, this guy is no joke. His understanding of the modern forehand goes well beyond anything I've seen before. He hits the ball at a professional level, and his understanding of the biomechanics of the stroke is beyond impressive. I DID NOT expect this from a tennis program, but Jan has created something stellar. A real gift to anyone who wants to learn the modern forehand. Bonus points for Jan keying on the forehand of Fernando Gonzalez. He had a cannon of a forehand, and Jan has captured the elements and dynamics of his technique beautifully. Bravo Jan.."
Jeffrey Counts
Medium to Advanced Level Player
"Jan gives great instruction. I never understood the transfer of body weight until I heard this video."
Greg Fihn
Medium Level Player
"Really informative and taught me things I never knew, and they work."
Steven Bis
Medium Level Player
"This truly was a course which was worth the money that I invested, and much more. Filled with fantastic guidance and exercises, it will definitely take my Forehand to the next level if I action every piece of advice that Jan has shared. A platinum resource and a HUGE thank you Jan! Can't wait to take the other programs from you!."
Sudip Bhattacharya
Medium Level Player
"Excellent explanation on technique with clear examples . thanks BB."
Bernard Borenstein
Medium Level Player
"I was able to experience a much improved Forehand the first time I practice on a wall after watching the videos."
Glenn Louie
Advanced Level Player
"Really good information, it is all to the student to understand and digest the information...."
Prakash Shekhera
Medium Level Player

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