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  • How to effectively apply my unique “PLB Tennis Method®” into your game.
  • How to move better, how to transfer more weight into the ball with ease, you will get early into a right position and you will be able to take the ball super early.
  • How to get the right timing of each movement of your body prior to the contact point.
  • How to generate effortless, yet very powerful Forehand.
  • PROs Forehand footwork patterns and exercises.
  • Importance of lagging effect & how to achieve those big effortless Forehand just like ATP Pros do.
  • How to choose the right follow through & the right grip in order to hit any kind of a ball.
  • How to ideally position yourself for hitting attacking forehands with ease.
  • How to use your wrist and racket head speed and how to be relaxed with your arm.
  • How to deal with TOPSPIN, high bouncing balls.
  • How to Accelerate through the ball.
  • How to deal with short & deep balls.
  • How to generate Massive Topspin & Control.
  • How to find ideal contact point & the right position to hit those nice & clean strokes over & over Again.
  • How to hit deep balls to put your opponent under constant pressure.
  • + You will get – 4 Weeks Tennis Training Plan to speed up your Forehand results as a Bonus!



  • “”The PLB Tennis Method from Jan Metelka took my game beyond what I thought was possible. I now have much more bigger, yet more effortless Forehand!” Andy McCall, Medium Level Player, London, UK


  • “I’m just starting to play tennis back again after a couple of years without playing at all. After using your PLB Tennis method on my forehand, everything started to click back into shape and I got even better! Fabio Pires, Intermediate Level Player, USA


  • “Excellent instructions. Applying your techniques has definitely improved my forehand!” David Johnston, Medium Level Player, AUS

Program Includes:

Welcome to FREE 00:03:00
PLB Tennis Method® for Effortless Forehand
Position on Attacking Forehand FREE 00:09:00
Power From The Legs & Body Rotation 00:06:00
Effortless Forehand Biomechanics
Effortless Forehand Biomechanics Used by Tennis Pros 00:07:00
Exercises with Orange/Red Ball 00:09:00
The Most Important Element & Relaxedness 00:03:00
How to Push From Your Leg + More Attacking Forehand Practise 00:05:00
PROS Secrets
Racket Speed, Timing & Relaxed Arm FREE 00:08:00
Stance & Balance 00:02:00
Ideal Positions For Attacking Forehand FREE 00:06:00
Practise Sessions
1 – How To Attack Short Balls 00:02:00
2 – Position Of Body & Balance, Relaxed Arm, Weight Transfer 00:00:00
3 – Importance Of Wrist FREE 00:06:00
4 – Dealing With Higher Bouncing Balls 00:00:00
5 – How To Get More Racket Head Speed 00:04:00
6 – Transition Into A Short Ball 00:02:00
What to Start Applying Next Time You Train
What To Start Applying When You Train 00:02:00
Forehand Fitness Drills
Skipping To Strengthen Your Legs FREE 00:02:00
Squats with Medicine Ball 00:02:00
One Leg Side to Side Squats 00:02:00
Abdominals & Body Rotation Workout With Resistance Band 00:05:00
Medicine Ball Workout On The Tennis Wall 00:02:00
Attacking Forehand Practise On The Tennis Wall 00:02:00
The Winning Mindset
Mind Set When You Train 00:02:00
Course Summary
Course Summary 00:02:00
BONUS 1: 4 Weeks Tennis Training Plan 00:00:00
BONUS 2: FREE Video Analysis of your Forehand with MY “Tennis Fix System” 00:00:00
BONUS 3: FREE 1 Month of PRO PLAN access to TennisFit® APP 00:00:00
BONUS 4: Access to Forehand Topspin Mastery Program 00:00:00

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  1. Really helpful!


    Hi Jan, its John here from Florida, I hope you are well. So I wanted to say couple words! This course is really great, I was never aware about using my body in such an efficient way! I actually went last night to practice on my own all things I learnt here and I could literally feel the difference – in the first session applying your methods! Highly recommending to all who want more effortless forehand and to play better tennis! Thanks a lot! John

  2. Sounds good John! Thanks and I can’t wait to see your new results! Jan


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